Animal Science Conference 2019

Dear Colleagues,
Animal production is of great importance in the development of our country. The importance of animal foods in an adequate and balanced diet of our people is an undeniable fact. Zootechnical activities aim to contribute to the development of the country by providing more and more reliable production of animal products. In this context, the 11th International Animal Science Congress, which was held in Antalya, will be organized by our Zootechnical Federation with the participation of your esteemed participants at the Ramada Hotel in Cappadocia. As in the past year, as the Zootechnical Federation, we have decided to organize the Zootechnical Science Congress and Exhibition, where all stakeholders of the livestock sector will come together in the last week of October each year.
Our Congress; Our animal husbandry, which is extremely important in terms of raising healthy generations with high body and mind power, will be handled with all stages from production to consumption. Thus, it is aimed to provide reliable and accurate information to solve the problems and success of our studies by bringing together scientists, industry professionals, public, media members, non-governmental organizations, as well as consumers, who are stakeholders of animal production, in a common denominator.

The latest developments in our sector will be handled with our valued participants in this year, where the members of the livestock sector, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, representatives of other ministries, service providers and academicians of our sector have taken the pulse of the livestock sector, their problems are discussed and their voice is announced to the relevant people.

The more powerful our voice will be possible with your participation and support. You will be pleased to see our stakeholders in our congress and to honor our zootechnical community with your moral and material support.

I would like to invite you to this traditional organization where all members of the sector come together and we would be pleased to be on behalf of the organizing committee.

Yours Sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Mesut Türkoğlu

Chairman of Zootechnical Federation
On behalf of Organising Committee