Animal Science Conference 2019
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the Federation of Turkish Animal Science, it is a great pleasure and honor to invite you to XIth International Animal Science Conference which will be held in Cappadocia Turkey, between 20-22 October 2019. Cappadocia is World heritage site and one of the most important international tourism center in Turkey. This conference will provide a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge, and professional relationship among the animal scientists.
The importance of animal production on a country's development, balanced and adequate nutrition is clear. Animal production practices through scientific approach and production and transfer of technology are indispensable for sustainable livestock production. Animal scientists take on an important mission to serve the country's livestock production impovement. The 10th International Animal Science Conference was held in Antalya in the last year and has been a very successful which has been enriched with the presentations of Mr. Andrea Rosati, Secretary General of the European Livestock Federation (EEAP).

We hope to be together in this scientific event, which we believe will be a very rich and enthusiastic meeting with your participation. 

Best Regards,

Prof.Dr.Yusuf KONCA - Chairman of Conference
Prof. Dr. Mesut TÜRKOĞLU - Chairman of Animal Science Federation